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Message in a Microscope

Today’s post comes from Elena Litchman: Kirill has been very successful growing multiple strains of the Baikal’s endemic diatom Aulacoseira baicalensis! To the point that it is communicating with him–its filaments are growing as words (see the photo)! It surely … Continue reading

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A Melosira By Any Other Name Would Still Yield DNA

By the time we arrived in Bolshie Koty (BK), we had already gotten word that it was a “Melosira year” in Lake Baikal, meaning there was an abundance of Aulacoseira in the phytoplankton off the coast near the biological station. … Continue reading

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Keeping it in the Family, and the Genus Too

Like many graduate students, my break is packed with lab work and field trips, one of which is our summer sampling trip to Lake Baikal! So, when UT Austin’s Spring semester ended mid May, I loaded up my trucklet with … Continue reading

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Aulacoseira baicalensis in culture?

Just last week Ed Theriot (my advisor) said: Siberian diatoms may not be as tough as Siberian people. He referred to the pretty bad state of the phytoplankton cultures we had recently received from Irkutsk State University. The isolates didn’t … Continue reading

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