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Hunting for Red Epischura

It’s a peaceful day with the sun shining brightly in Siberia. The vast expanse of Lake Baikal stretches out across the horizon, framed by mountain peaks. Suddenly a breeze picks up, and it’s time to go out in the rowboat … Continue reading

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Lakes Baikal and Superior: Sister Lakes

Two weeks ago, while delivering an invited talk about our Baikal project at Michigan Technological University located on the south shore of L. Superior, I was struck by the many similarities and important differences between Lakes Superior and Baikal . … Continue reading

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Scientists Having Fun!

Last week, part of our Baikal dimensions team convened at NCEAS in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  Between delicious meals, (e.g., a dynamite squash & mushroom lasagna prepared by Chef Hampton), we discussed results of data analyses, manuscripts in preparation, plans … Continue reading

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Plankton Power!

Plankton are cool!  They are the microscopic plants and animals in lakes and the ocean, and they are the focus of our research at L. Baikal.  Some are exquisitely beautiful; others strange or alien looking. Plankton power us!  Via photosynthesis, … Continue reading

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