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From the blogosphaere: Volunteers clean up trash on Olkhon Island

Photos and story by Leonid Kaganov. The link above describes (in Russian) a massive volunteer cleanup effort that recently took place at Lake Baikal. The event was organized by Russian energy group En+ and drew¬†1500 volunteers from all over Russia … Continue reading

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My job is done.

About 5 years ago Elena called me and asked, without much introduction: – Can you characterize the genetics structure of Baikal zooplankton population? – What, right now? – said I. – No, in the future, if we get funded? – … Continue reading

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A first glance at differential gene expression in Epischura baikalensis from different parts of Baikal

This plot (called a heatmap) is essentially a table with genes as rows and populations as columns. Genes (rows) are arranged in such a way that genes with the most similar expression profile across populations are next to each other … Continue reading

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Study Abroad: Baikal 2014

East Tennessee State University International Programs Office has approved the 2014 Study Abroad program at Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Led by one of our coPIs (me) and our new chair Joe Bidwell, an accomplished aquatic biologist, this study abroad … Continue reading

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View and Share (y)our Baikal photos at Tumblr!

While many excellent photographs have been posted here (and will be posted in the future), we also need a place to store, share and organize our Baikal photographs in large quantities. We have a few hundred of them… Anyone interested … Continue reading

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Epischura transcriptome is mostly… Epischura

If you grind up a human being, they say, and extract DNA from the whole thing and nextgen-sequence it, you get 85% bacterial reads. As some of our colleagues know very well, if you sequence DNA from a diatome algae … Continue reading

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Baikalsk Pulp mill to be closed. Definitely. Again.

– said prime minister Medvedev speaking to local United Russia officials in Listvyanka. “There is no coming back, all the decisions have been made” he said. readers expressed doubts about the finality of the decision, as similar statements … Continue reading

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