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Winding down another Baikal field season

Today is our last day in Bol’shie Koty and we’re wrapping up the last of our sample preparation and packing. We’ve crammed an amazing amount of science into the last week, starting with a three day research cruise along the … Continue reading

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Commence round 2 of the 2015 Baikal field season

Following on the heels of Marianne’s group, the second portion of this year’s field crew has made it to Bol’shie Koty. We had a long but uneventful journey to Irkutsk, where we ran some errands and then hopped on the … Continue reading

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Algal blooms in Baikal

A new paper from Timoshkin et al. in Hydrobiological Journal describes a previously unrecorded phenomenon in Baikal: massive mats of filamentous green algae (Spirogyra and Stigeoclonium) have been appearing in autumn along the shores of the lake. Continue reading

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Message in a Microscope

Today’s post comes from Elena Litchman: Kirill has been very successful growing multiple strains of the Baikal’s endemic diatom Aulacoseira baicalensis! To the point that it is communicating with him–its filaments are growing as words (see the photo)! It surely … Continue reading

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Breathtaking Baikal

RT recently produced a nice short clip about Lake Baikal and what makes it unique. In the video, correspondent Thabang Motsei travels over the ice by hovercraft, visits the Limnological Museum, and speaks to local people about the lake’s biodiversity, beauty, … Continue reading

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Shoutout to Baikal at the 2014 Olympics

This short film kicked off coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics on Russian TV. The film begins with an alphabet primer in which each letter corresponds to some facet of Russian history and culture, and it goes on to depict major moments … Continue reading

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Approaching the End of the Field Season

The summer is winding down, and yesterday we continued a string of recent goodbyes by seeing off three more members of our team. Lev and Katie are currently en route to Moscow and then back to the States, and Liza, an … Continue reading

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