Baikal research at the ASLO meeting in Granada Spain

Several of us recently returned from the international meeting of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, held in Granada Spain this year. One highlight of the meeting for me was our session on “Recent Ecological Change in Ancient Lakes,” which included ancient lakes researchers who are normally scattered all over the world. It was an inspiring session, and looks very likely to lead to a review paper on this topic – stay tuned!


Researchers of ancient lakes gathering at ASLO in Granada Spain, 2015. Photo: Unknown Passerby (thank you!)

But I’ll admit that for me the most inspiring part of the meeting was listening to Marianne Moore’s very gracious acceptance speech, as she received the prestigious Ramon Margalef Award for Excellence in Education!


Marianne Moore accepting the Ramon Magalef Award at ASLO 2015 in Granada. Photo: S. Hampton

After taking some time to express gratitude to her many Russian and American colleagues, including probably 10 more thank-you slides in addition to the one shown above (!), Marianne captivated the audience with an exploration of the parallels between marine ecosystems and Lake Baikal, inviting us to consider how much can be learned by approaching our research with a broader perspective.

Accepting the award this year was a special honor because the ASLO meeting was held in Spain, Ramon Margalef’s home country. It is an understatement to say that Margalef was a prolific and highly esteemed aquatic scientist, accomplished in both freshwater and marine ecology – ASLO published a very nice abbreviated biography of Margalef [PDF] in 2009, in which his research contributions and his innovative approaches to education are described.

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