Study Abroad: Baikal 2014

East Tennessee State University International Programs Office has approved the 2014 Study Abroad program at Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Led by one of our coPIs (me) and our new chair Joe Bidwell, an accomplished aquatic biologist, this study abroad will allow participants to learn about evolution and ecology of biodiversity hotspots using Baikal biota, this wonderful Nature’s laboratory, as a brilliant example. Tentative dates July 10-10 2014.

Details here:

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The trip is open for any students. (But only full time ETSU students eligible for ETSU financial aid).

Contact Lev Yampolsky if you are interested.

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4 Responses to Study Abroad: Baikal 2014

  1. Roby, Lee says:

    What are the eligibility requirements for this program? Are advanced highschool students (after junior or senior year, 17 or 18 year olds with Intermediate-mid or Intermediate-high Russian oral proficiency accepted or must students have finished at least a year of college? Lee Roby, Russian Teacher, Friends School of Baltimore


    • lyampolsky says:

      Sorry, just now noticed your post. We can discuss a possibility of adding HS students. I will worry about 17 y.o., need to talk about it to our legal council – perhaps with certain documents signed by parents it would be possible. Much easier for 18 y.o. ones. All students traveling with the program must be enrolled with the university, but this can be easily accomplished, as there is a special provision for high school students to enroll into summer classes. Why don’t you e-mail me or call 423-676-7489 and we chat about it.

  2. lyampolsky says:

    This Study Abroad has been cancelled.

  3. Lisa Hintz says:

    Assuming this cancellation is political (Tahoe-Baikal Institute has also cancelled their programs indefinitely), is there any idea as to when it might be back up? I am trying to make plans in advance to study Russian language and the ecology of Lake Baikal and so am wondering if you have any opinions as to the length of this termination.
    Thank you.

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