Approaching the End of the Field Season

Baikal-20130901-744-a-smallThe summer is winding down, and yesterday we continued a string of recent goodbyes by seeing off three more members of our team. Lev and Katie are currently en route to Moscow and then back to the States, and Liza, an undergraduate from Irkutsk State University who has been working with us all summer, is back in Irkutsk just in time for the start of the new school year. The biostation is nearly deserted now that most of our group as well as all the field course and summer school students have left.

Of our entire team of over a dozen people only Ted, Kirill, and I remain in Bolshie Koty. Over the next ten days we’ll be cramming in some final experiments, the most important of which will be assessing feeding rates of Epischura baikalensis. Additionally we will be finishing up the “eggsperiment” (measuring egg production of E. baikalensis at different temperatures), preparing Cyclops and Daphnia samples for transport to the States, and doing some more work with the parasite Saprolegnia. Though it’s not quite over yet this summer has already been a huge success, and we’re looking forward to carrying the momentum forward for the next ten days.

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3 Responses to Approaching the End of the Field Season

  1. lyampolsky says:

    We are safely in Moscow – I mean, I am; hopefully Katie no longer is… Need to ask you something (and Ted’s phone is not answering): can you guys download the data from Qubit and save it? Besides a paper copy I only have the most recent data on a flash drive and it seems to got killed when we were printing out the tickets for the boat. — LY

  2. lyampolsky says:

    PS: and, of course, all our thoughts are with you guys.. the few, so few good men and women left standing… all by yourself on a deserted field station… working hard…

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