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Around Baikal in Twelve Days

A highlight of our team’s Siberian summer was the circum-Baikal sampling expedition that we undertook between August 7 and August 19th. The planning for the cruise started while the lake was still frozen solid and continued until just hours before … Continue reading

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Baikal Scientists Converge in Bolshie Koty

Yesterday evening our team had the immense pleasure of welcoming to the biostation George Swann, Anson Mackay, Ginnie Panizzo, Sarah Roberts, and Elena Vologina, who have been traveling around Lake Baikal and its catchment for three weeks collecting sediment cores … Continue reading

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A Melosira By Any Other Name Would Still Yield DNA

By the time we arrived in Bolshie Koty (BK), we had already gotten word that it was a “Melosira year” in Lake Baikal, meaning there was an abundance of Aulacoseira in the phytoplankton off the coast near the biological station. … Continue reading

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Tours of the Hydrobiology Lab and Other Outreach Opportunities

One thing I’ve learned over two summers of field work in Siberia is that working here…is a little different. Obviously there’s the location, which involves issues like the downfall in productivity on particularly beautiful days, when even the most dogged … Continue reading

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CircumBaikal Cruise Preparations

The lab is bustling today as most of our team prepares to go out on the lake for a twelve day sampling cruise. Lake Baikal is over 600 km long and the team will be traversing most of it, making … Continue reading

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