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Serendipitous Lessons in Data Management

In a previous blog post I mentioned a document I’ve been spending a lot of time with, a technical manual for collecting and processing plankton samples, that was sent to me by our Russian colleagues. I was translating the manual … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Time-Squared

No, not the Star Trek episode, sorry. Apparently there is a Star Trek episode called “Time Squared” which I only know because I’ve been looking to see how other people explain why time series analysts sometimes use both “Time” and … Continue reading

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Useful resource for those who might speak about Baikalsk pulp mill

Bird’s eye 360°-view of Baikalsk pulp mill, clickable, with explanations (in Russian) of the technological cycle, pollution control devices, etc. Useful if you want to talk about the pulp mill in a lecture.

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A reminder of the important contributions of history to ecological research

I was reminded this week of the importance considering historical events when trying to understand long-term ecological changes. One of the surprising results from our analysis of the amazing long-term Baikal data set has been that many zooplankton species are … Continue reading

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Baikal is not the only cold and beautiful lake being invaded by Daphnia galeata

I just received a thank you letter from New Zealand’s Marsden fund (for reviewing) along with their Update brochure. Its cover is below: According to a Marsden-funded study by Ian Duggan et al of Univ. of Waikato, invasion of non-native … Continue reading

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