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More outreach in East Tennessee

Gave a lecture on “Biodiversity hotspots” in my Ecology class today. In which of course an important component was a ~20-min feature about Baikal and about our grant. My students are by far less cute than Larry’s, but did enjoy … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 Highlights Lake Baikal Research

“An enormous drill crushes its way through a meter of ice covering Lake Baikal in southern Siberia. It’s the deepest lake on earth and alone contains 20% of the world’s liquid fresh water.” With these words, spoken over the sounds … Continue reading

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On Language Barriers and Translation in Scientific Collaborations

Whether it’s drilling through meter-thick ice, surviving weeks without showers, or trying to get vats of liquid nitrogen past skeptical customs agents (but it’s for science!), working in Siberia comes with some pretty diverse challenges. One of the subtler of … Continue reading

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