Winter Transect Sampling

Past two days were mostly devoted to drilling and sampling along three 500m transects with four stations each.  Transects are 2km apart and vary in snow cover.  Two are in a relatively protected Bolshie Koty (BK) area, one starts at the Sibiryakov Point to the North.

Drilling the average 80cm ice was exhausting.  Each station requires two holes i.e. 24 total holes.  I am sore, Ted is spent, Kirill is excited.  It’s been cold and extremely windy.  A few tricks helped to deal with freezing nets, equipment, samples and hands.

Two transects done!  Each station produced readings on snow depth, snow cover, ice thickness, water depth, light penetration profile, YSI profiles, an under-ice scrape and a 50m phytoplankton net tow.  Samples will be isolated and preserved with Lugol.  Plus, much of the action was recorded on a GoPro Hero3 camera in super-duper HD (2.7megapixel), including underwater movies of net scrapes at each point.

For what must be a third time, a day of sunshine is followed by intense brown coloration visible under the ice.  Underwater footage at transect stations captured a uniform brown halo near the bottom of the ice in every direction (non-patchy).  Kind of looks like the blue planet in outer space in reverse.

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