Bai-colleagues at ASLO 2013

Steph, Marianne, and Steve talking science. Photo: K. Woo

Steph, Marianne, and Steve talking science.
Photo: K. Woo

New Orleans was overrun with aquatic scientists last week as folks from all over the world descended on the Big Easy for the conference of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. Several of us attended, and before the conference began we spent one full day catching each other up on our research and discussing plans for next summer’s field work.

Four members of our group gave talks at ASLO, three of which were specifically about Baikal. Meanwhile, I sat in the audience and wore out my fingers trying to keep up with live-tweeting as much of the conference as possible. For anyone who wasn’t there and wants to read what they missed, I’m posting links to my tweets from our Bai-colleagues’ talks after the jump.

Ted Ozersky: Negative effects of elevated temperatures on an endemic, keystone copepod in Lake Baikal, Russia

Stephanie Hampton: Global lake warming trends and regional hotspots

Marianne Moore: Bottom-up effects operating in Lake Baikal, Siberia

Derek Gray: Long-term changes in the depth distribution of Lake Baikal zooplankton: A consequence of warming?


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2 Responses to Bai-colleagues at ASLO 2013

  1. Jim Elser says:

    Glad that ASLO meeting went so well for all of you. This blog makes me nostalgic for my trip to Baikal in 1990 with CR Goldman. It seems you are doing great things there! Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Jim! I’d guess that once you’re on the lake, it looks much the same now as it did then, beautiful and unending. I’m already daydreaming of the summer which is good since it takes that long to prep for the trip! 🙂

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