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Tiny Animals and Green Things: Describing Our Research with the 1000 Most Common English Words

You may have noticed that, like many science nerds, some of us here on the Baikal Dimensions team are fans of the webcomic¬†xkcd. A few months ago a comic was published that diagrammed and labeled NASA’s Saturn V rocket with … Continue reading

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What is the name of the organism central to the zooplankton part of our project?

Taxonomy is important. And it is important to name organisms correctly to avoid confusion. Next question is what is “correctly”. Two main approaches are possible: go by the rules and go by the usage. The rules are clear: the name … Continue reading

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Outreach in East Tennessee

When I returned to East Tennessee from Russia in September, I would get the occasional question from other students and faculty about my research and the reasons why Lake Baikal is such a special place to be doing such research. … Continue reading

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Exploring patterns of long-term change in Baikal zooplankton

One of the goals of the Baikal Dimensions project is to uncover patterns of long-term change in Lake Baikal plankton communities that might be related to lake warming. Why have we decided to focus on plankton communities? The short answer … Continue reading

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