Scientists Having Fun!


Dr. Steve Katz explaining likely drivers of the mysterious “Melosira” cycles.
Photo K. Woo

Last week, part of our Baikal dimensions team convened at NCEAS in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  Between delicious meals, (e.g., a dynamite squash & mushroom lasagna prepared by Chef Hampton), we discussed results of data analyses, manuscripts in preparation, plans for upcoming winter field work, and future grant proposals.  It was a good time with stimulating discussions, and we look forward to sharing our data and analyses with other team members at the upcoming ASLO meeting in New Orleans.

Whole GroupSBNCEAS

Our group, glued to our computers, in Dr. Hampton’s office. From left to right: Lyubov Izmest’eva, Derek Gray, Stephanie Hampton, Steve Katz (obscured by Marianne Moore), Marianne Moore, and Tedy Ozersky. Photo K. Woo.

Огромное спасибо (enormous thank you) to Dr. Lyubov Izmest’eva, one of our Russian colleagues for making the very loooong journey from Irkutsk to Santa Barbara!


Our special guest, mentor, and general adviser: Dr. Lyubov Izmest’eva from Irkutsk, Russia. Photo K. Woo.

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