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Aulacoseira baicalensis in culture?

Just last week Ed Theriot (my advisor) said: Siberian diatoms may not be as tough as Siberian people. He referred to the pretty bad state of the phytoplankton cultures we had recently received from Irkutsk State University. The isolates didn’t … Continue reading

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Daydreams of Baikal ice

It’s mid-October and winter seems a long way away, but planning for winter field work at Lake Baikal has to be done far in advance – winter ice is on all of our minds! Luckily it’s a fascinating topic that … Continue reading

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Actinobacteria dominate the bacterial metagenomic community of Lubomirskiya baicalensis Strangely, PubMed has not listed the authors (yet?), but I think it’s someone we know..  

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A bit of history repeating: Lake Baikal diatoms astonish researchers over the centuries

“… a small bottom sample … from the depth of 33 meters taken near the Olkhon Gate of Baikal Lake on July 29th 1916. I have examined about a hundred of microscopic slides from this place and have taken great … Continue reading

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Poetry and Science – another Baikal inspiration!

I know that Lake Baikal has inspired a great deal of art (for reasons that seem abundantly self-evident to this team of Baikal researchers!) but I just found out about one that surprised me! My colleague here at NCEAS, Dr. … Continue reading

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