Arrived at Bolshie Koty!

Hello all!

I am happy to report that the first group of us has made it to Bolshie Koty!

Marianne, Ted and I traveled from Boston to Irkutsk with relatively little drama, aside from the fact that all of our flights were delayed. But we arrived safely with our massive amount of luggage, So I’ll count that as a success.

When we arrived in Irkutsk we picked up Teo and Kirill (a recent graduate of Irkutsk State University who will be working with us) and headed to Listvayanka, where we caught the cutter to the Biostation. That boat was the most comfortable form of transportation I’d encountered since leaving Boston!

The past few days have been a blur of unpacking, cleaning up, and getting the lab ready for research. In this case, I think a few pictures are worth several thousand words.


Aside from unpacking etc, we have been resting up and enjoying the lovely food our cook, Nina, has been providing us. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the food yet, probably because we are all too busy enjoying the food to snap photos! But it’s on the list, so maybe we’ll have a picture soon.

Instead, here’s a photo of me blogging (it’s a very important job).

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4 Responses to Arrived at Bolshie Koty!

  1. Ilya Brik says:

    Nice report, thanks, Katie.
    Could you post some photos of Ted working? I almost assure that all members of his family (including those from the Middle East) want to see this rarely phenomena of the nature 🙂

    • Olga says:

      Yes,Ilya! I am Olga, and I am Ted’s aunt from Petersburg, Russia. I can’t meet Teddy just now (the distance is huge). So I dream to view pictures at least.

  2. Ilya Brik says:

    Btw, how did you pass the customs by the end?

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