Baikal Dimensions team underway – the field season begins!

Bolshie Koty. Photo by S.E. Hampton, 2006.

Underway! The Wellesley team has packed up the field gear, and everything they will need to live at the beautiful Bolshie Koty field station until mid-August, balancing the weight in their bags in accordance with S7 airline’s regulations and doublechecking all their lists…

When they arrive in Irkutsk, the Wellesley team will buy personal modems that should allow enough internet access from the lake to post blog updates from the field. There is one cell phone provider that has some coverage at Bolshie Koty, and so far it has allowed our Russian colleagues at the station to stay in close contact with us during our field season planning over the past half year.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are still scattered around the world for a few more weeks… Lev is on adventures in France, the MSU team is in Copenhagen, and I will be in Japan at the ASLO meeting next week.

So we all will be drifting toward Lake Baikal over the next few weeks, through different pathways around the world, like very purposeful plankton riding on different currents!

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