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Plankton Power!

Plankton are cool!  They are the microscopic plants and animals in lakes and the ocean, and they are the focus of our research at L. Baikal.  Some are exquisitely beautiful; others strange or alien looking. Plankton power us!  Via photosynthesis, … Continue reading

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The chronology of Lake Baikal plankton: have warming waters had an impact on the timing of annual population dynamics?

Climate change has had a significant impact on the Sacred Sea. Shimaraev and colleagues have documented an increase in the ice-free season by 18 days between 1869-2000, and an analysis using the amazing Izmest’eva plankton and temperature data set suggests that surface … Continue reading

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CRDF Global- helping international science happen!

Ecological research can be an equipment-intensive enterprise. You get excited about the fun science-y bits of a project and forget that without things like beakers, growth chambers, duct tape, vacuum pumps and electrical generators there can be no project… So … Continue reading

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Funding for international research collaborations

The US-AID and NSF collaboration called PEER has just wrapped up. Although our Lake Baikal project was not supported – darn! – it looks like many other exciting international collaborations were funded. The thing that is most striking to me … Continue reading

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