World Water Day

It’s March 22nd was World Water Day, which I was reminded of this morning when I saw that Marianne’s students from Wellesley College were featured in a nice World Water Day slideshow in the Washington Post.

Seeing her students ankle deep in the shallow water made me 1) start to daydream about the upcoming summer, when we will be back at the lake ourselves (and this time for much longer!), and then 2) think about how darn cold their ankles must have been! That’s a tough group of women. Or maybe I am just getting soft and weak!  Maybe both.

Katya, Andrei, and Marianne working on the deck of the Kozhov, summer 2006 Lake Baikal.

It’s a good time to enjoy a daydream about getting back to the lake and doing science because now that everyone’s hired and it’s time to plan our trip, we are up to our eyeballs in the logistics of getting ready for the season! Definitely important to keep in mind the exciting science that will come…

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