Stage 1! Reconnaissance and recruiting…

Aquatic Lab at the ISU field station in Bolshie Koty on the shores of Lake Baikal, 2006, during a beautiful wildflower bloom (Photo: SE Hampton).

It’s one thing to dream up a great Siberian-American collaboration, to take place largely on the shores of the world’s largest freshwater lake in remote Siberia, and it’s another thing entirely to hammer out the logistics.

Reconnaissance trip. As I mentioned in my last post, Marianne, Lev, and Ed made the trip to Siberia for reconnaissance of the field operations, and to make connections in person with our Russian collaborators and other Lake Baikal experts at Irkutsk State University and the Limnological Institute.

Meanwhile, I made the trip to LAX, where an anxiety-ridden (but boring) travel story ensues, with the result being that I stayed in California while they had Siberian adventures! So, let’s say, I was home base to their field operations. I worked on Baikal stuff, and monitored their emails obsessively.

A rapid-fire Skype involving all 5 U.S. investigators gave me and Elena an overview of the scientific highlights of the trip… Renovations at the lake lab were really encouraging, the Russian-American team brainstormed about local equipment and expertise and ideas for future research, and the team made great connections with “old” and new Russian colleagues alike.

Recruitments. We need to recruit some students, postdocs and staff to help with this blogging!  Also to do some science. 🙂

I’ve got some ads out at UCSB, one is posted at Wellesley, at East Tennessee State University, and should be coming along for UT-Austin and Michigan State University soon as well.

(Many thanks to Jai Ranganathan and Jarrett Byrnes for encouraging me to write this second post during their social media workshop at NCEAS!)

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